SOW & GROW 2020

Welcome to the Sow & Grow Headquarters. Here you will find Daily Devotional written by NLCC Leaders, Daily Prayers and video testimonials as well as imagery of what families are planting and growing in this season.

Pastor shared three things he wants the church family to: 1) read a chapter in Proverbs daily, 2) pray for unity of the family and 3) plant some type of vegetable  The purpose as Pastor articulated is “…to keep our church unified, focused and balanced…as we sow (prayer, word, plant something)…”  With that in mind, we have come up with a theme to capture this heart-burst, “Sow and Grow: Experience God Move”.  For 31 days July 19th – Aug 18th.


Click image to read each Daily Devotional. The Daily Prayer is underneath and included in the devotional as well.

Day-1 Proverbs 1

Pray to grow in wisdom and accept the correction and pruning of the Lord.


Day-2 Proverbs 2

Cry out for knowledge and pray for understanding in the areas where you need to mature and grow.


Day-3 Proverbs 3

Pray for your trust in God and acknowledgment of Him to direct your path.


Day-4 Proverbs 4

Pray for your words to produce life and be pleasing to the Lord.


Day 5 Proverbs 5

Pray that your commitment to God is firmly rooted so you will not use your strength to sin or give in to temptation.


Day 6 Proverbs 6

Pray to stay diligent during this time to produce a great harvest in the seasons ahead.

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Day 7 Proverbs 7

Pray that you continuously sow the Word in your heart and treasure God’s commands.


Day 8 Proverbs 8

Pray that we bear the fruit of humility.


Day 9 Proverbs 9

Pray that we worship the Lord in reverence and awe.


Day 10 Proverbs 10

Pray not to let the faults of others wither your love for them.

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Day 11 Proverbs 11

Ask the Lord to help us thrive like a green leaf in our kindness, trustworthiness, and giving.

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Day 12 Proverbs 12

Ask the Lord to uproot all anxiety from your heart and use you to bless someone with an encouraging word today.

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Day 13 Proverbs 13

Pray for connections with wise mentors who will sow information into your life that will cause you to flourish.

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Day 14 Proverbs 

Pray for our nation to be fertile soil for righteousness to be exalted and burst forth.

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Day 15 Proverbs 15

Thank the Lord for the privilege to cultivate change through intercession.


Day 16 Proverbs 16

Just as we place our flowers in the sun, pray that we daily commit our work to the Lord so He can shine His grace on our plans.


Day 17 Proverbs 17

Pray that we plant ourselves in compassion to assist others and not scatter when they need us most.


Day 18 Proverbs 18

Pray that the fruit of our conversations are sweet as we use our tongues wisely refraining from gossip and slander.


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